Wild Wednesday

I saw these two in a nearby field.  We often have deer on our property too.  I love to watch them and often give them corn to eat.  These deer aren’t as big as the ones in Pennsylvania.  The fawn looks almost as big as the mama.

I have to tell you that yesterday here in North Carolina, it was storming all day and into the night.  It was so bad that I had to shut my computer down.  When I was a child I was afraid of storms.  Actually I was afraid until I became a mother.  I didn’t want my children to have the same fears that I had, so I had to be brave.  It was so bad when I was young that my dad would come home from work if I was home alone after school.  He was a really good dad.  It helped that he was on the road for work, so it usually wasn’t a problem for him to do.  I can tell you though, it was really loud and Hubby and I looked at each other a couple of times wondering what was going on.  The lightening was pretty bad as well.  And the rain was coming down in bucket fulls.  We have had an inordinate amount of storms so far this year.  But at least we haven’t had any hurricaines yet.  🙂

The other day I mentioned I was going to make some spool pin doilies.  I got a few made.  I need to pick up some more colors of crochet cotton.  I only have plain white and ecru.  Here’s what they look like.

I think they are cute don’t you?  There are all different patterns you can make and it doesn’t take long to crochet them.

I just peeked out my window and it is overcast again!  Try to stay dry.