Monday’s Musings

Today is a special day for my Isabella.  She has cut her first tooth.  She has been chewing on everything she can get her hands on and drooling like crazy.  What a wonder it is to watch an infant grow and change.

When my children were babies I always rocked them to sleep.  I loved to hold them when they were asleep.  It was our quiet time together.  My husband liked to get up with them in the middle of the night.  He said it was his bonding time.  I never suscribed to the notion that babies were spoiled that way.  I loved everything about babies, even changing diapers.  But I can certainly remember the days and nights walking the floors with a crying baby who was teething.  My heart would break for them. Sometimes there was just nothing that would sooth them.

The miracle of growing from a totally dependant infant to a fully capable person is truly something I wish everyone could witness up close and personal.  The changes that take place in that child are only surpassed by the changes that take place in you.  Life before children becomes something of an idea, more than an actual memory.  Your children become your life.  You are totally responsible for them and yield great power over them.  With great power comes great responsibility.

Giving birth to a child is not the end of the parenting job.  You must raise that child.  Not leave them alone to fend for themselves.  Children need parents.  If they didn’t, you could find them under a rock. We must remeber that they are a gift, a treasure that need to be loved and nurtured and not to be abused.  They need you to spend time with them.  To disciplilne them.  To encourage them.  To support them.

With all that is going on in our country today, I have to wonder if parents are really taking the responsibility of raising their children to heart.  There is so much addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, and this is found in our middle schools.  Children are involved in so much violence.  Childrens clothing, especially for girls is so suggestive.  The role models of today are over sexed, drug induced, over paid, foul mouthed poor excuses for human beings.  Where will it stop?  I truely believe that if things don’t change soon, our world as we have known it will certainly disappear.