Guess What Day It Is…

No it’s not Wednesday. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Today is Sunday, and that means Race Day. ¬†The race is in Pocono, Pennsylvania this afternoon. ¬†It’s one of my favorite tracks. ¬†I wish we had gone to a race there when we lived in PA. ¬†My hubby isn’t one for going to sporting events. ¬†He would rather see them on TV because there are multiple angles and replays. ¬†He just doesn’t get the excitement one feels attending in person. ¬†I am hoping to get to Homestead this winter. ¬†My son lives in Miami. ¬†I might be able to talk hubby into that one with the added benefit of visiting our son.

So today Kasey Kahne is starting from the 23rd ¬†position. ¬†He had a bad qualifying. ¬†He has won at Pocono in the past.. ¬†There aren’t that many races left for him to make the chase for the championship. ¬†I would hate to see him not make it again this year.

Kasey is running the Great Clips car today. ¬†They are one of his prime sponsors. ¬†The car paint scheme changes depending on who his main sponsor is for each race. ¬†Here’s the Great Clips car.

Enjoy your day!

Friday Reviews

Chop, ChopChop, Chop by L.N. Cronk

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first book in a series, however, it is a standalone book as well. It starts when the characters are young. It’s the story of friendships, death, loss, and faith; along with the struggles that go along with them. I had a hard time putting it down.

Day-DayDay-Day by L.N. Cronk

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the sequel to Chop Chop. It is as good as the first book. Now living in Mexico, David and Laci are newlyweds. Laci volunteers in the Orphanage she had volunteered at when she was in school. David, an engineer, can work from anywhere. Laci unable to become pregnant again, they adopt a little boy, Dorito and a baby girl Lily who is deaf.

Pon, Pon (Chop, Chop Series #3)Pon, Pon by L.N. Cronk

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The story continues with Laci and David moving back to Cavendish.

The Other Brother (Chop, Chop Series #4)The Other Brother by L.N. Cronk

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

David is faced with the news that Charlotte, Greg’s little sister, has a half brother. He battles with feelings of jealousy since he has been like her brother since Greg’s death. He finally realizes that his place with Charlotte is secure and he is not being replaced.

Charlotte is Jordan’s girlfriend. Jordan is Tanners little brother. Chase is in the middle. Chase has been living in Chicago. Tanner finds out that he has Huntington’s Disease. Tanner gets tested and does not have it. This is kept from Charlotte and Jordan.

While volunteering at his son’s school. David meets a little girl who doesn’t talk. She has been treated like she is not very smart by her class mates and her teacher. David is helping the kids with their reading and writing skills using the computer. Amber shows David she is smart and can read. He finds out she is in foster care. She comes to school with her hair matted and she smells. Something is not right. David’s lifetime friend, Tanner and he begin to investigate on their own.

The Other Mothers (Chop, Chop Series #5)The Other Mothers by L.N. Cronk

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

David has to deal with Charlotte becoming pregnant. She was dating Jordan, but the baby was not his. It was her ex-boyfriend’s baby. She planned to give the baby up for adoption. Jordan was crushed that she was pregnant and didn’t say anything to him.

Tanner and Jordan’s dad was found in his car in the lake. He had been missing for a few years.
The authorities suspected murder.

Gone (Chop, Chop, #6)Gone by L.N. Cronk

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book takes place twenty years after returning to Mexico. Laci and David are faced with sad news. As David deteriorates, Tanner retires from the high school and moves in with them to help care for David. David then develops cancer and continues to disappear in front of Laci and Tanner’s eyes. They have to say goodbye to David.

Alone (Chop, Chop, #8)Alone by L.N. Cronk

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the last book in the series. There are however, companion books that go along with it. Here all the answers that were not given in the previous stories are found. Tanner tells this story. He continues to help Laci. He’s been in love with her since high school.

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this series. I am anxious to read the companion books. This series has made me a fan of L.N. Cronk.

On A Night Like This (Callaways, #1)On A Night Like This by Barbara Freethy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the story of two people who grew up as next door neighbors. Sara and Aiden. She had had a crush on him since she was fourteen years old. At one point, when she was a senior, she had a chance with Aiden, but after a very hot kiss, he walked away. Sara was humiliated. Aiden continued on his path of a different girl every week into adulthood.

Sara returned to her childhood home for her father’s 65th birthday. He was so upset over her visit that he forgot he was cooking and the kitchen caught on fire. He ran through the house into the basement where he fell and broke his leg. She had not been home for years. She never heard from her father.

While the house was burning, Aiden ran in and rescued Sara and er father. She was surprised to see him. He was home, recovering from an injury he sustained while fighting a forest fire. In that same fire his best friend Kyle was killed. He was being blamed that he had done something wrong and Kyle’s death was his fault. Having fallen down a cliff and suffering a concussion, he had no memory of what happened.

Sara finds a box of pictures at her father’s house. While she looks through them, she discovers a little boy with her parents. She doesn’t recognize the house that’s in the picture. She sees the handsome smile of her father with the little boy. Finally she sees his name on the back of one of the pictures and it’s dated eight years before she was born. This shatters everything she thought she knew about her family and her life.

Sara and Aiden discover each other and they help each other through the pain of discovering the secrets Kyle and her father had.

I loved it.

As you can see I read a lot this week. With hubby under the weather I wasn’t really able to do much else. Have a good day and find something good to read.

Wild Wednesday

This is another picture of an inhabitant of Florida and North Carolina.  Actually coyotes are all over the United States.  They are one of the wild dogs of our world.

I have a neighbor who raises birds. ¬†He often has to chase coyotes from the property because they kill his birds. ¬†You can’t blame them tho can you? ¬†They’re just hungry too.

My hubby has been ill all weak. ¬†So, I have been otherwise involved. ¬† I haven’t blogged all week. Hopefully it’ll be back to normal here soon.

The only thing I managed to get done this week was to read. ¬†I got 7 books read. ¬†You can imagine I didn’t get a lot of sleep. ¬†But I did enjoy the reading time.

Have a good one and keep an eye out for coyotes!

Friday’s Reviews

Saint Padre Pio: In the Footsteps of Saint FrancisSaint Padre Pio: In the Footsteps of Saint Francis by Michael J. Ruszala

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A brief biography of St. Padre Pio. I didn’t know a lot about him, and I found this very interesting. It’s amazing to me, that a man who was alive during part of my lifetime has been canonized a saint. Being a cradle Catholic, I went to a Catholic elementary school before Vatican II. We learned much about the saints and I was awe struck. I still am. But the veneration of saints when I was a little girl in St. Francis of Assisium School, was something I still wish was practiced. One of the most important things of my faith is that we have the Communion of Saints to lean on. If God has favored them so much as to make them saints, why would we not ask them to intercede for us?

For those of you who do not understand the concept, I will attempt to explain. When Jesus was at the wedding at Cana, Mary, His mother, told him they had run out of wine. She went to Jesus. He asked her what that had to do with Him, that His hour had not yet come. But, didn’t Jesus turn the water into wine? If Jesus responded to His mother by doing something about the situation for her, why would we doubt that he would respond to her interceding for us. Make no mistake, this is not to say that we only go around the block, so to speak, to ask Our Lord for our needs, but we ask the saints as well.

OK, back to the review. It’s a quick read for anyone who is interested in knowing more about St. Pio or saints in general.

Peace Lily (The Katherine Wheel, #2)Peace Lily by Alex Martin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second book in the Katherine Wheel Series and it did not disappoint. Life after WWI takes up in Wiltshire, England. Katy and Jem are struggling to resume their married life while living with her parents in a very crowded house. And Cassandra and Douglas are struggling at the Manor with her not very nice mother.

Douglas has had it and returns to Boston, not sure if he still wishes to marry Cass. He sends for her and she takes Katy with her as her personal maid. Things get a little out of hand and Dounglas’ friend rapes Katy. Doug’s sister walks in on the rape and is furious that Fred does not return her feelings. Being a mean an spiteful woman she writes to Cass’ mother that Katy is having an affair with Fred.

The fireworks continue. Douglas and Cass return to England. The rest of the story continues with the struggles of two families finding their way in a changing world. I loved it.

Speedwell (Katherine Wheel, #3)Speedwell by Alex Martin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the third book in the Katherine Wheel series and I can tell you it’s just as good as the first two. After Cass’ husband is killed racing, there is trouble between she and Kate. Kate’s business flourishes and she and Jem begin to make their fortune. At the same time, Cass is faced with the daunting task of selling off more land and watching the Manor slide from it’s glory. Cass has a terrible time getting over her loss and begins to resent Kate’s success. I really enjoyed this series.

The Inn at Eagle PointThe Inn at Eagle Point by Sherryl Woods

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first book in the Chesapeake Shores series by Sherryl Woods. I have read a couple of the books in this series, but out of order. This series is about the O’Brien family. Mick who is a world renowned architect was responsible for designing and helping to build this little community in Maryland. His five children have grown up here, but without their mother because she left when she had had enough of his absence. Her youngest was 7 years old at the time.

This first episode begins with the youngest, Jess, buying the Inn at Eagle Point. She has ADD and gets into financial difficulties and calls on her big sister Abby to come help her out of this jam. Sparks fly when Abby goes to the bank to help Jess and discovers Trace. He is her old flame who she left in Chesapeake Shores when she went to New York to find her dream job on Wall Street.

Sparks fly, and romance ensues. It’s a feel good story.

Raining Men and Corpses (Raina Sun Murder Mystery Series #1)Raining Men and Corpses by Anne R. Tan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is the beginning of another mystery series. A fun easy read. Raina Sun, a Chinese American had moved to Gold Springs to escape her family in San Francisco and get her advanced degree. She becomes embroiled in the murder of her ex-boyfriend/advisor for her graduate program. This involvement brings her face to face with the love of her life Matthew. To complicate things more, her best friend Eden is a newspaper reporter and gets involved too. She comes home pne day and finds her grandmother in front of her apartment with her suitcase. She gets her senior friends from the local group involved in sleuthing as well. There is murder, betrayal, mystery, and humor in this book. I look forward to reading more of this author.

That’s it for this week. ¬†Read something good today!

Wild Wednesday

I saw these two in a nearby field. ¬†We often have deer on our property too. ¬†I love to watch them and often give them corn to eat. ¬†These deer aren’t as big as the ones in Pennsylvania. ¬†The fawn looks almost as big as the mama.

I have to tell you that yesterday here in North Carolina, it was storming all day and into the night. ¬†It was so bad that I had to shut my computer down. ¬†When I was a child I was afraid of storms. ¬†Actually I was afraid until I became a mother. ¬†I didn’t want my children to have the same fears that I had, so I had to be brave. ¬†It was so bad when I was young that my dad would come home from work if I was home alone after school. ¬†He was a really good dad. ¬†It helped that he was on the road for work, so it usually wasn’t a problem for him to do. ¬†I can tell you though, it was really loud and Hubby and I looked at each other a couple of times wondering what was going on. ¬†The lightening was pretty bad as well. ¬†And the rain was coming down in bucket fulls. ¬†We have had an inordinate amount of storms so far this year. ¬†But at least we haven’t had any hurricaines yet. ¬†ūüôā

The other day I mentioned I was going to make some spool pin doilies. ¬†I got a few made. ¬†I need to pick up some more colors of crochet cotton. ¬†I only have plain white and ecru. ¬†Here’s what they look like.

I think they are cute don’t you? ¬†There are all different patterns you can make and it doesn’t take long to crochet them.

I just peeked out my window and it is overcast again!  Try to stay dry.

Monday Musings

My quilt guild has a challenge every year. ¬†This year’s theme is “Music Moves Me.” ¬†This has gotten me to think about all the ways our lives are enriched by music. ¬†For instance the giggles of an infant, the gentle breeze rustling the leaves in the trees, the gentle babbling of a brook. ¬†All these things are music to my ears. ¬†Of course the sound of a good jazz band, or the golden oldies, and of course the beautiful voices from the choir at church on Sunday is wonderful too. ¬†Our world is full of music.

I guess one has to agree that what is music to one person is not music to another. ¬†That being said, if we just open ourselves¬†up to the possibility that the noise is music it makes the world a better place. Don’t you think? ¬† For instance, my good friend Sue likes classical music. ¬†It’s not my first choice, but I can listen to it because I think about the discipline and talent of the orchestra. ¬†I can see the beauty of the precise measure of the notes.

I have a big back yard.  Well actually, I have a forest.  With that brings all manner of fauna. Sometimes the birds make a terrible racket.  But, what is not beautiful about baby birds calling for mom to feed them, or a beautiful cardinal calling out to his mate?  The tree frogs peeping at night.  I wonder what they are saying.

Music is as much about attitude as anything else.  To truly enjoy the music all around you, you must first believe it exists.

Have a good day!

Friday Reviews

Ghostly Paws (Mystic Notch Cozy Mystery, #1)Ghostly Paws by Leighann Dobbs

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This cozy mystery is set in New England. Willa inherited her grandmother’s Victorian house and her used book store. After having a terrible accident, she decided to return to her hometown and take up residence in the house and run the store. She also inherited her grandmother’s cat. Strange things happen around the store, she sees ghosts and can speak to them. The cat also seems to have powers of some kind. The librarian, Lavinia, has been murdered and Willa is the one who found her lying at the bottom of the library steps. Lavinia appears to her in the book store and asks her to find out who murdered her. Willa sets off to investigate. A fun easy read.

An Insignificant Life (The Maryland State University #2)An Insignificant Life by Connie Almony

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is book 2 in the Maryland University Series. I haven’t read the first one, but I really enjoyed this second one. It’s a story about an RA advisor, Tiffany, in one of the dorms who has had an abortion. She finds herself in a compromising position while out at a bar. Adam, one of the campus police is at the bar and witnesses a man trying to force her to leave with him. Adam, who is a Christian comes to her rescue. She has had too much to drink and confesses all to Adam. It’s the story of redemption, forgiveness and love. I highly reccomend it.

Daffodils (The Katherine Wheel, #1)Daffodils by Alex Martin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was such a good book! I was sorry to see it end. I actually have already gotten the next book in the series. The setting is England prior to WWI, and during the war in France. It’s the story of Katy, who started her life in service from the age of 13. It’s the transformation of craving excitememt, to becoming a married woman. She loses her child, becomes very ill, and then when she recovers her husband joins up to fight. It’s the story 0f how she thought he had been killed, and enlisting in the WAAC so she can search for him; becoming an ambulance mechanic and finally, when the war ends finding her husband. The story ends with the village throwing them a big welcome home party. I can’t wait to read the next in the series.


1961 Corvair Hardtop
Does anyone recognize this? ¬†This was my first car. ¬†I loved that car. ¬†If she could talk, I would have been grounded until I was 30! ¬†ūüôā ¬†
I was the first one in my group of friends to have a drivers license.  It was a junior license which meant I had to be off the roads between midnight and 6 AM.  Unless I worked during those hours. When I turned 17 I got a regular license.  
That car took me and my friends all over the place. ¬†To the shore (that’s the beach in Jersey speak), to school, to the mountains. ¬†We put many happy miles on that sweet ride. ¬†She never let me down either. ¬†And you would be amazed at how many people we could put in her. ¬†The front had bucket seats, but they were close together so someone could sit in the middle. ¬†
It was a small car, but in today’s standards not so much. ¬†The motor was in the back and the trunk in the front. ¬†The gear shifter was located on the right side of the dash. ¬†And of course it only had an AM radio in it. ¬†At some point the antenna broke off, so I had a bent coat hanger in it’s place. ¬†It worked surprisingly well. ¬†
I wish I still had her.  

Wild Wednesday & More

This is the green tree frog. ¬†They are all over here in Southeastern North Carolina. ¬†You would not believe how much noise they make at night. ¬†Sometimes when we come home at night, we will find them on our door by the porch light eating their dinner of bugs attracted to the light. ¬†Every once in a while one gets in the house. ¬†If we can’t catch it and put it back outside, we hearing it singing at night. They are cute don’t you think?

As you know I do a lot of reading and most of the books I read are free.  I have a small tablet I use and it has both the kindle and nook apps on it.  I have found a few places that list what books are free everyday.  One of them right now has a kindle give away.  You can enter below and good luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday Is Guild Day

Today my quilt guild hosted Christmas In July. ¬†This is when we have several classes with a Christmas theme. ¬†Classes last 1 1/2 hours each. ¬†They are in the morning and afternoon with a lunch break. ¬†It’s always a lot of fun.

I didn’t go this year. ¬†With me gone for so long, I didn’t get signed up for any of the classes. ¬†I am sure that they would have let me attend but I really had no interest this year. ¬†I just haven’t found my footing since I came home from Florida. ¬†And, I am really worried about Karina.

Bud face timed me and I grabbed a picture of Isy in her bouncer.  She just loves it.