Tuesday Guild Day

Today is my guild’s program day. We meet twice a month and the second meeting is usually for a set program. Today’s program is a workshop by one of our members, Donna Lockwood. She will be teaching the Wacky Nine Patch. The tutorial for this can be found here.  I looked at the fabric requirements and I realized I didn’t have a layer cake and didn’t have enough time to cut yardage for the project so I decided not to go.  I also didn’t particularly want to make this quilt.

I ran into one of my fellow guild members at Walmart yesterday afternoon.  It was good to see Ellen. I feel like I have been away so long.  I am anxious to get back to quilting again.  I picked up the cutest outfit for Isabella for her first 4th of July.  I hope to get some of those fancy pants made today so that tomorrow I can get them in the mail tomorrow.