Well yesterdays plans didn’t work out.  I got nothing done in my quilting room or anywhere else for that matter. What can I say.  I really am a lazy one.  🙂

Today’s TBT subject is…

Can you imagine making large family dinners in this kitchen? Well, this is a picture of the kitchen in my house growing up. We lived in Levittown in the Levittowner model.  There was no counter space!   Yet we had no problems cooking in there.  (This picture by the way, is one from the net.)  But the model came just like you see it here.  Black tile with spatter marks in it throughout the house.  A deep stainless steel sink with stainless steel drain boards.  Cabinets right above the sink.  A corner space with a butcher block top that lifted up so you could hang you pots and pans in it.  Next a very small four burner stove with oven and small drawer.between the stove and small refrigerator was a small cabinet with three drawers.  The top one for silverware,  The middle one was a bread box, and the bottom one was for what ever.  Notice no separate freezer.  The freezer was inside the refrigerator.

Above the corner butcher block was an open cabinet.  Then two more regular cabinets.  Across from the sink on the other wall was the heater, washing machine and broom closet.  Next to the refrigerator was a door to the outside.  You can just see a small part of it, but between the sink and dining area is a bamboo curtain.  So you could pull it and close off the kitchen.

A lot of people put portable dishwashers in that corner.  The ones that opened from the top.  My aunt had one like that.  We had one that opened from the front and we had ours right next to the sink.  We had this really great big round table in our kitchen.  It was great for when friends or family stopped over.  We rarely sat in the living room.  It was always around the table with coffee and some delicious treat mom or I had made.  People just dropped in back then.  There was none of this call first nonsense.  I miss that.  The idea that your home is always open and you are always welcome.

I learned to cook in this kitchen.  We often had Thanksgiving at our house for the whole family, so we made some really big meals.  I can’t for the life of me imagine having to do it today.  I am spoiled with a large area of counter tops and a huge island in my kitchen.  And for some reason I use all of that space when I cook.

Although this was a very small kitchen, it was warm and inviting because so many memories came about in it.  I guess it’s not the size of your kitchen, or the length of your countertops, it’s the love you share while you are in your kitchen that matters.

Make something special for dinner tonight.