Finally Home

We drove home from Orlando today.  God was certainly kind to us, hardly any traffic and the weather was just beautiful.  Made great time.  It’s good to be home for a while.  I am going to spend some time doing some sewing.  I would like to send a couple of summer dresses down to the baby.

  Pope Francis canonized two new saints on Sunday, June 5, 2016.
Saint Stanislaw Papcznski, M.I.C.
The first is Saint Stanisław Papczyński, M.I.C.  He was born May 18, 1631, in Pdergrodzie, Polis-Lithuanian Commonwealth and died September 17, 1701, in Gora Kalwaria, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. He is the founder of the Marian Fathers.  He was beatified on September 16, 2007, by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone in Poland.  He is the patron of Marian Fathers, Unborn children, and children with learning disabilities.  His feast day is September 17.

Saint Elizabeth Hesselblad, O.Ss.S.

The second is Saint Elizabeth Hesselblad, O.Ss.S.  She was born June 4, 1870, in Keflavik, Vastra Gotaland County, Sweden and died April 24, 1957, in Rome, Italy.  She was beatified on April 9, 2000, by Pope Saint John Paul II in Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City. She is the patroness of Bridgettine Sisters, Nurses, and Converts.   Her feast day is June 4.
How blessed we are to have the Communion of Saints to intercede for us.  I am always in awe when new saints are canonized.  Growing up going to Catholic elementary school, I remember listening to the sisters at school talking about how wonderful the saints are and I can remember thinking that the saints were canonized so long ago and just never thought that there were still saints to be named. How very happy I am that my juvenile misconceptions were wrong.  Praise God.

Wild Wednesday!

  While in Orlando Florida this past month, I discovered that the Orlando Sentinel runs a regular weekly feature called Wild Wednesday.  It features wild life in and around Orlando.  Well I just loved it.  So Dottie let me keep the pictures out of the paper for me to post them here on my blog.  The first picture I saw was this one.

  It is a tri-colored heron hatchling from Wkodahatchee Wetlands in Delray Beach.  I just think this little guy is too cute.  He looks like I feel some mornings.  🙂  Talk about a bad hair day!  
  We drove home from Orlando today.  I got a good start on another book.  I’m glad I can read in the car.  Got in around 6 this evening.  Got the car unloaded and just collapsed!  Why does it take so much out of you when you travel? Emptied the cooler.  We’ll do the suitcases tomorrow.  I’m glad to be able to sleep in my own bed tonight.

The Death Planner (Storage Ghost Murders, #4)The Death Planner by Gillian Larkin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another Book In the Series.

I like reading books in a series, especially when the characters are warm and reading them make as you feel like you are having a nice visit with friends. This is how Ms. Larkin’s Storage Ghost Murders Books are to me. I recommend them for a fun easy read mystery.

Murder On The Menu: A Romantic Comedy Culinary Cozy Mystery (A Celebrity Mystery Book 1)Murder On The Menu: A Romantic Comedy Culinary Cozy Mystery by Zanna Mackenzie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another book set in England in a little village. It was a cute easy read with some romance and a murder. If you like those cozy mysteries I recommend this one for you.