Wild Wednesday

This week’s feature is the Sandhill Crane.  This photo was taken in Longwood Florida along one of the State Roads.

Photo by Red Huber
These cranes are monogamous breeders.  The young are able to follow their parents away from the nest within 24 hours of hatching.  
You know, I just love birds.  Well that is I love to watch birds, especially ones that were so foreign to me growing up in the North.  To see these birds along the road as you are driving is amazing to me.  I always have my camera with me in the car.  Even here in southeastern North Carolina, the birds are amazing to me.  If I can safely pull over, I am out of the car with camera in hand.  
Have a good day!

Tuesday Guild Day

Today is my guild’s program day. We meet twice a month and the second meeting is usually for a set program. Today’s program is a workshop by one of our members, Donna Lockwood. She will be teaching the Wacky Nine Patch. The tutorial for this can be found here.  I looked at the fabric requirements and I realized I didn’t have a layer cake and didn’t have enough time to cut yardage for the project so I decided not to go.  I also didn’t particularly want to make this quilt.

I ran into one of my fellow guild members at Walmart yesterday afternoon.  It was good to see Ellen. I feel like I have been away so long.  I am anxious to get back to quilting again.  I picked up the cutest outfit for Isabella for her first 4th of July.  I hope to get some of those fancy pants made today so that tomorrow I can get them in the mail tomorrow.

It’s Race Day

The NASCAR race is in Sonoma today.  It’s a road course, not my favorite type of race, but I will still be watching it.  I have to cheer my driver, Kasey Kahne on.  He’s not having a great year.  It is, however, better than the last two.  He finishes well here.  Maybe his first win of the year will come today.  I sure hope so.

My kids call me a Redneck.  Can you believe that?  They think it’s funny that I watch the races. Funny thing is, I got interested in it when my son was young in the ’80’s.  He teases that since I have moved south I have gone over to the dark side.  LOL

My husband has been a fan since before we were married.  We actually were going to a race at the Trenton Speedway and it was rained out.  Of course his favorite driver was Richard Petty.  He never liked Ernhardt.  If he was the bad boy of racing, Petty was the gentleman.  Now that I understand about racing, I can understand why Petty was his favorite.

Have a good Sunday.

Slow Moving Saturday

I’m sitting here with my second cup of coffee wishing I was still in bed.  Ever have days like that?  It started storming yesterday afternoon and it continued through the night.  It still looks like rain outside this morning.  It would definitely be a good day to curl up with a good book.  I can’t believe how much the grass and trees are growing from all this rain.  Before I know it our forest will grow back again!

Speaking of reading.  I haven’t read a book all week.  I have started a couple, but just couldn’t stay with it.  I guess maybe I needed a break, or maybe it was the books not appealing to me.  What ever it is I hope it goes away.  I have my goal of 100 books to read this year.  And I would really like to meet that goal.

I have fibromyalgia and this weather plays havoc with my body.  It won’t kill you, but it sure makes you miserable at times.  Hubby worries about me.  He has a hard time with the concept that I can’t stay in bed because I am having pain.  And he thinks food makes everything OK.  I am so blessed to have him in my life.  He is always there for me no matter what.

So, as I was sitting here I was thinking about cows.  That’s right, I said cows.  I am surrounded with them in my office.  Or at least half of my office.  Hubby and I actually share our office.  So on his side he has sports memorabilia.  We each have our own desks and desk top computers.  He hates when anyone touches his computer, but let that computer ask him a question and he calls me to take care of it.  LOL

We have live cows that live on the small farm across the field behind us.  I love to hear them moo, especially at night while I am lying in bed.  We used to have a farmer across the highway from us who had quite a few cows, but he moved away and took his cows with him.  😦  But that’s OK, I have my own herd all over my house.  I have 25 cow cooking jars here in my office alone.  They make me smile.  No matter what my mood, it always improves when I look at my cows.  Take a look.  See what I mean?

Stay dry and enjoy your day!


Well yesterdays plans didn’t work out.  I got nothing done in my quilting room or anywhere else for that matter. What can I say.  I really am a lazy one.  🙂

Today’s TBT subject is…

Can you imagine making large family dinners in this kitchen? Well, this is a picture of the kitchen in my house growing up. We lived in Levittown in the Levittowner model.  There was no counter space!   Yet we had no problems cooking in there.  (This picture by the way, is one from the net.)  But the model came just like you see it here.  Black tile with spatter marks in it throughout the house.  A deep stainless steel sink with stainless steel drain boards.  Cabinets right above the sink.  A corner space with a butcher block top that lifted up so you could hang you pots and pans in it.  Next a very small four burner stove with oven and small drawer.between the stove and small refrigerator was a small cabinet with three drawers.  The top one for silverware,  The middle one was a bread box, and the bottom one was for what ever.  Notice no separate freezer.  The freezer was inside the refrigerator.

Above the corner butcher block was an open cabinet.  Then two more regular cabinets.  Across from the sink on the other wall was the heater, washing machine and broom closet.  Next to the refrigerator was a door to the outside.  You can just see a small part of it, but between the sink and dining area is a bamboo curtain.  So you could pull it and close off the kitchen.

A lot of people put portable dishwashers in that corner.  The ones that opened from the top.  My aunt had one like that.  We had one that opened from the front and we had ours right next to the sink.  We had this really great big round table in our kitchen.  It was great for when friends or family stopped over.  We rarely sat in the living room.  It was always around the table with coffee and some delicious treat mom or I had made.  People just dropped in back then.  There was none of this call first nonsense.  I miss that.  The idea that your home is always open and you are always welcome.

I learned to cook in this kitchen.  We often had Thanksgiving at our house for the whole family, so we made some really big meals.  I can’t for the life of me imagine having to do it today.  I am spoiled with a large area of counter tops and a huge island in my kitchen.  And for some reason I use all of that space when I cook.

Although this was a very small kitchen, it was warm and inviting because so many memories came about in it.  I guess it’s not the size of your kitchen, or the length of your countertops, it’s the love you share while you are in your kitchen that matters.

Make something special for dinner tonight.

Wild Wednesday

  Today my wildlife picture comes from Sneads Ferry in North Carolina.  That’s right near Topsail Beach.  Check it out.

  He’s one big alligator.  He was stopping traffic trying to get across the road.  The gator was caught and relocated.  Hopefully he’ll stay away from the area now.  
  Alligators are all around where I live.  The preserve that they relocate alligators to is right across the street from me.  My neighbor had one in his pond.  We have learned to look around really well when we venture out of the house.  The truth is that they usually see you and run away.  But, if they are hungry they will go after a small child or animal.  And during mating season, they do get a bit testy.  🙂  
  It is so sad about the little 2 year old who was taken by an alligator at Disney.    My heart breaks for his family. I don’t know how they will be able to live with what happened.  I pray that the Holy Spirit gives them the strength to get through this tragedy.  
  I am spending my day putting my quilting room back together.  Before we went to Florida, I rushed around getting a few projects done to take with me.  So, I sorta tore through my quilting room like a tornado leaving stuff all over in there.  There are a few projects I would like to get finished.  My UFO list is pretty long.  I read over what I have to finish and I don’t even have half of what I need to finish on my list.  I am bound and determined to work on UFO’s before I start on any new quilts.  Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t sew for my Isabella.  I love making little girls dresses.  🙂  When Alannah was younger I made her dresses too.  It was so much fun.  
  Have a great day!

To Shop Or Not To Shop

  Fabric shopping.  Who can’t relate?  There is noting like walking along the buffet of beautiful, glorious fabric.  Ah  I almost have to touch each and every morsel.  I delight in the possibilities of what masterpiece I could create with just this perfect piece of material.   
  Before I realize it, drool is dripping from my chin. Nonchalantly I pull my handkerchief from my pocket and while pretending to cough, I wipe the tell tale sign away from my face.  Phew!  I am ever so thankful that Mom always told me to carry a hanky. Slowly I search the shop for a diversion. Good, there are notions.  I head over there to give my eyes a chance to lose their glassed over look.
  But then it hits me again.  All of those can’t live without rulers and buttons and…Well you know what I mean.   Before I know it…you guessed it.  I’m drooling again!  Will this impediment to my cool calm exterior never stop?  So then I give myself a strong talking to and begin to graze the delightful desert, the patterns.  
  I am sure you know what is coming next.  Of course I begin drooling again.  I can’t control it.  My hanky is soaked.  I look around the shop with panic in my eyes.  Not a beach towel in sight.  What to do?  What to do?  With that one of the girls from the shop walks up and asks “Are you OK?” I smile and tell her yes.  She asks if I am ready to have my fabric cut.   I follow her to the cutting table.  As I stand there waiting for my treasures, I look around the shop and see someone else with glassed over eyes and drool dribbling down her chin.  🙂
  I love this cartoon.  Sound familiar?  I must admit that when my hubby has gone fabric shopping with me he usually asks if I am sure I have enough.  I am one lucky quilter! But then I remember what is waiting for me at home and say yes I’m sure.  

Happy Fathers Day

  Today is Father’s Day.  It’s been nineteen years since my father died.  I really miss him.  It’s been seven years since my father-in-law died.  I miss him too.  When you are young you never think that your dad won’t be here forever.

  On a brighter note, this is my son’s first Father’s Day.  His feet still haven’t hit the ground since Isabella came into his life in February.

  Aren’t these shirts cute?  Karina had them made.  I’m not too sure about toasting my granddaughter with a mug of beer though. :).  And just look at Isabella laughing.  What an angel she is.
  Lastly, certainly not least, Joe is dad to my other three grandchildren and I wish him a Happy Father’s Day too.  
  My hubby and I are spending a quiet day at home.  All the kids called to wish him a Happy Father’s Day.  We are just enjoying the race on TV.  And he’s got the Phillies on the computer.  What more could he ask for?  

Saturday’s Quotes

  “There are many things in life that will catch your eye, only a few that will catch your heart.  Pursue these.”    Michael Nolan

  This is another favorite quote of mine.  I think it is a wonderful philosophy for life.  Just think how different our world would be if more people adopted it.  Material things can’t satisfy the soul,  They leave us wanting more and more.  We see that in our personal lives and in our world in general.  Isn’t that how wars get started?  One country wants to have more than the next one?  It’s never enough.

  As I sit here in my home office and I look around I have many eyes staring down at me.  Part of my cow cookie jar collection is in here.  They are cute.  I enjoy them.  But I could definitely live without them.Spending time with my children and grandchildren, now that’s something I could not live without.  Spending time with my friends making quilts for charity.  That’s something I could not live without.  Being able to go to church is something I could not live without.  Sharing my life with Gary is something I could not live without.  These are the important things.  These are the things I pursue.

  Look at my granddaughter Isabella.  This was taken on Thursday.  She’ll be 5 months old on the 10th.  I think she is the most beautiful baby in the world.  🙂  

Friday Reviews And More

Blueburied Muffins (Black Cat Cafe Cozy Mystery #1)Blueburied Muffins by Lyndsey Cole

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is another cozy mystery series. I liked the character Annie who returns to her hometown to get away from the trouble her ex-boyfriend is in. She is afraid she will end up right in the middle of it. She receives a message that her aunt’s cafe burned down and that is when she decides to head home. She has been estranged from her parents, so she goes right to her aunt. They reopen a new cafe in a new building. The first morning Annie arrives she finds her ex dead in a booth. Many more strange things happen to Annie and her aunt. It’s a fun easy read with a few surprises.

He Kills Me, He Kills Me NotHe Kills Me, He Kills Me Not by Becki Willis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book I have read from Becki Willis. It’s a romantic mystery that keeps you guessing until the end. The romantic scenes were definitely R rated, but done tastefully. Ashli is being stalked and the police don’t take her seriously so she hires a private detective to protect her. Of course Lange is drop dead gorgeous and she is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. Ashli, however doesn’t realize her beauty, inside or out is anything special. There is more going on than trying to catch the stalker. Lange has no family and feels like he has no roots. He slowly opens himself up to the possibility of new love complete with family and a home. I really liked the book. However, I am noticing that many of these kindle edition of books have many mistakes in them. I am not sure if they are not edited well, or if there is some problem in creating the ebooks.

  I only had two books to post today.  We spent most of yesterday running around.  I had my reader with me, but somehow the book I was reading disappeared.  Never had that happen before.  Then I started to read another book and my reader’s battery died.  By the time we had supper and got home, I decided I needed a break from reading for the evening.  I am determined to complete my 100 books challenge for the year.  So, I have been binge reading.  I tend to do things in binges.  That’s how I quilt too.  🙂

  Speaking of quilting.  I am getting ready to make a quilt for my grandson Andrew.  He has Aspberger’s and he is a sweet heart. He loves logos and signs and he has always loved Route 66 and old cars.   So I found the best fabric.  It’s called “Get Your Kicks” by RJR Fabrics.  It came out in 2012 so I was really lucky to find it.  Actually, my husband found it for me on Ebay.

Isn’t this great?  It has all the road signs along Route 66, the map and the old cars.  I plan to make the Turning Twenty pattern for Andrew.  I think it should look great in these fabrics.  
  I have to find fabric for Aidan’s quilt.  Aidan is my second grandson and he is such a love bug.  He wants to have sea creatures.  But he doesn’t want the comical ones.  Of course my grandchildren always want a theme that is no longer popular.  I am not having much luck with fabric for Aidan.  I may have to talk to him about using another theme.  He loves animals, so maybe he’ll find something else he would like.  
  Alannah is my first granddaughter and the boys little sister.  She is a dancer and can’t get enough of it.  She does ballet, clogging, tap, jazz, and lyrical.  She’s at the studio every day during the week. She started competing when she was 5.  She will be 8 on July 1st.   I had picked up fabric with ballerina’s on it for her quilt, but I think it might be too young for her now.  So I will have to talk to her and see what she prefers.  She loves clothes and shoes and purses.  She takes after her mom, aunt and grandmother.  🙂  So I guess none of us can complain.