BQ Guild Day

Yesterday was the Community Outreach workshop for my quilt guild. Myself and Janet are the co-chairs of this committee. I usually handle the baby quilts and Janet handles the rest. But we do work together on everything. The baby quilts are separated from our other charities because the kits take a long time to put together. My hubby Gary helps me in making them. There were 43 of us there to work on the firehouse program quilts. We created 185 strip blocks. Janet furnished lunch. We had salad, French bread and home made manicotti. There were a few treats for after lunch too.

Our county has decided that in each fire district, one firehouse will be manned 24/7. We are making quilts for the beds for the firefighters.
I am excited about this project because I don’t think firefighters get the recognition or the thanks they deserve. I know that I could never walk into a fire and these people do it on a regular basis. They are heros!