Happy Birthday Isabella Rosa!

  Today at 11:11 AM my granddaughter Isabella was born.  She weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces.  We were not in Miami when she was born and I am just dying to hold her.  My son is on top of the world right now and I am so pleased for him.  We will be there soon.  Grami and Pop Pop are on the way.

Isabella Rosa
She is beautiful and healthy and I am filled with joy and gratitude that she is so.  Mommy is doing well too. 🙂

Ash Wednesday

  Today is the beginning of Lent.  A time to reflect on what distracts us and keeps us from growing closer to God.  It’s a time to give those distractions up and allow Jesus to enter our hearts and then live the way God created us to live.  To reevaluate our priorities and put what is really important first.  It is a time of  giving up.  It is a time for letting go.  It is a time for sacrifice.  It is a time for forgiveness and mercy.  It is a time for listening.

  There are several online organizations that offer reflections and suggestions for improving your Lenten experience.  I have listed some of them here.
Bishop Robert Barron founder of Word On Fire will send a daily reflection to your inbox.  Click on the link to sign up.
MyConcentration.org run by Anthony Mullen offers a Lenten Mercy Challenge here.
L.E.N.T. In the Desert e-book.
Katie Warner has resources on her website.
Catholicism About.com has many good articles on Lent.
Pray More Retreat offered by Pray More Novenas.  This is an online retreat.  This is just a few resources I have found.