Been Busy…

  I can’t believe I haven’t posted on my blog since the 5th.  I started pulling things out of closets and sorting what I want to keep and what I want to get rid of.  I’m talking my clothes closet here. It also doubles as my linen closet since it’s so big.  I have several shelves in there that I keep bath towels and sheets on.  Anyway, I have has some of my bath towels since 1975 when I got married.  That’s because I always used those towels for my “good” towels.  You know the ones you put out to look pretty, but on the penalty of death you threaten your kids not to touch them.  Well, after 40 years of marriage, they have finally moved into my everyday towels.

 Then there are my sheets.  I have held on to some sheets that won’t even fit on the new king sized beds.  Some are brand new.  I have always been the kind of shopper that when I see something for a good price, or “on sale”, I pick up a couple of extra of whatever it is.  Guess you could say I got burned on that deal.  🙂  Of course I must have had them for 20 years.  I saw something on, I think it was facebook, about folding your sheets into sets and then putting them in one of the pillow cases.  I have refolded what I am keeping and have done that.  They do stack nicely and it does make it so much easier to pull a set out of the closet.

  My next pile is clothes.  I don’t buy clothes too often as I don’t need the wardrobe of a career woman.  I wore scrubs almost my whole career as a nurse.  I am ashamed to admit it but I have things that are so old.  You guessed it, right into the chuck pile.  I have decided I am in need of some new duds.  So, once I am done with the closets and before I start on the bathrooms I just might treat myself to a new wardrobe.

  I have quilts folded on a large table I put in the living room.  That’s my next chore, I have several quilt stands that are full so I guess they’ll have to go back into my closet.  I can rotate them around my racks that are in different rooms.

  Can I tell you that I am so disappointed. I have misplaced my pattern for Bonnie Hunters 2013 Mystery, Celtic Solstice.  All I can put my hands on are the paint cards she uses for her color choices.  I have looked all over.  I wanted to make that one for my son and his wife.  It is really a beautiful quilt.

Happy Quilting!