Two Great Weeks

Tomorrow makes 2 weeks that my good friend Sue has been here with me.  We have been sewing and quilting and just having a lot of fun.  Sue’s newest granddaughter was Christened last Sunday and she is also celebrating  her other three granddaughters birthdays tomorrow with a trip to the ice cream place for a treat and to give them their birthday gifts.  She made all three girls the most beautiful quilts.  With the new baby, everyone made a switch to make room, so gradma Sue made their quilts.  The oldest Adrienne just turned 13.  She has the most beautiful oriental quilt in an Irish Chain pattern.  I am totally jealous.  I have already told Sue that I want one from Santa.  You can imagine what she said…Fat Chance!  Ha ha.  The two younger girls are getting quilts with purple and pint and made out of the same pattern, but with two different focal fabric.  One is bunnies and one is butterflies.  They are just as beautiful!  I did the quilting with my long-arm.  Tomorrow we will be taking pictures of the quilts and I will post them so that ya’ll can see what a very talented friend I have.  Besides making the quilts, we have also done a few other projects and have had a lot of laughs.  Even hubby Gary joins in on our crazy humor.  And he just loves cutting fabric for us and un-sewing the few times it is necessary.  At least he is helpful when he crashes our little sewing parties.

I am entering three small quilts in the Quilters By the Sea Quilt Show and I have them just about finished.  I have two hand quilted and they only need their labels and binding now.  I have the third one almost quilted and have to bind that one too.  I have to turn them in on the 13 of June.

Well I finally had to bite the bullet and see the orthopedic doctor today for another shot in the knee.  I really can’t complain too much as I had the last one October 18 last year.  I got my money’s worth out of that shot wouldn’t you say.  He was hoping I would get 4 months out of it.  So I am hoping this will last me as long.

Tuesday is my guilds Tea.  I am decorating one table and the theme I have chosen is “A Country Tea”.  Mostly because I have a lot of cow things I can use for it.  Even a lot of cow fabric.  Sue and I will work on that when we get back to the house on Saturday and the rest of Sunday during the Pocono Race.  You got it, I am a NASCAR fan.  Specifically a Kasey Kahne fan.  He’s just too cute and usually has great commercials.  He’s a very talented driver and this is one of his favorite tracks and he usually does well.  He won the Cocoa Cola 600 last weekend.  It’s funny Sue isn’t a NASCAR fan, but she knows when she is here she has to suffer through it.  Each time she is hear and she roots for Kasey he wins.  So I fully expect that Kasey will win at Pocono this Sunday.  I can thank my son for getting me into car racing.  I also had a friend who owned a dirt race car in Pennsylvania.  That was fun to watch too.  But when Bud was young Rusty Wallace had his Miller :Lite Dodge at the beer distributor near where my daughter worked and my son became a Rusty Wallace fan. I always supported all the kids activities and that’s what got me into it.  My husband has always been a NASCAR fan and he was a big time Richard Petty fan.  However that took a back seat to other things when we got married.  Needless to say we do spend our Sundays glued to the TV during race season.

I almost forgot my new guest room curtains are hanging and they look great.  Sue did a wonderful job!