Memorial Day Weekdend

I spent yesterday at my daughter Samantha’s for a picnic.  My friend Sue was with us.  We stopped at JoAnn’s on the way into town first.  They had one of those 1.00 dollar sales for patterns.   I got some clothes patterns for myself and some doll clothes patterns too.  Gotta keep Alannah in doll clothes. 🙂

Today Sue and I sewed.  She’s spending a couple of weeks here with us.  I just love when Sue comes to visit. We just have the best time laughing and sewing.  We make all kinds of things.  This trip she’s going to help me make new curtains for the guest room.  And she’s making new quilts for her granddaughters.  Then we’re making clothes.  I need some new things.  I got a pattern for a summer dress I can’t wait to make.  Good times for sure.

I can’t wait for the kids to move down here.  This is the last holiday I’ll have to spend without my grandchildren.  I am so very excited.  It will be so much fun to have them here and be able to do things with them all the time.  I feel so bad for my son-in-law’s grandparents who will really feel the loss of not having them around any more, but I am so very happy for me.