The New Year Kickoff

We had such a great guild meeting today.  Attendance was great and the Show and Tell was to die for.  Got to see some members I had not seen for several months. 

We had a quilt show meeting after the business meeting today.  One of the members on the committee made cream of chicken and potato soup.  Ummmm it was so good.  She has promised to share her recipe.  Our show will be in May in Southport, NC. 

Ran some errands.  Seems there are always errands to run.  The question is, are the errands necessary because I’m already out of the house, or if I wasn’t out of the house would I have to go run them anyway?  

Plan for tomorrow is to work on some more baby quilt kits and work on the quilting room.  I need to get the long arm warmed up for all these baby quilt tops that will start coming in soon.