Tuesday is Guild Day

We had a great workshop at the guild meeting today.  We worked on veteran quilts.  Some of the ladies were there that had been away for a couple of months.  It’s always good to see those familiar faces when they come back. 

I had gotten 6 baby quilts quilted and took them to guild with me today.  Two of the girls took them home to put binding and labels on them.  Tomorrow I’ll quilt a few more and will start getting the veteran quilt tops ready to be quilted too. 

I got the cutest valentine fabric to make a dress for Miss Alannah.  It’s purple with pink and red hearts on it.  I got that cut out and will probably whip that up first thing tomorrow so I can get it sent out to her.  She just loves getting dresses in the mail from her grami. 

Had a nice surprise this evening.  Bud and Renee called us from San Juan.  We usually only hear from them on Sundays when they are in port in Florida.  Always good to hear they are doing well.

My latest knitting project that I started after dinner tonight is a potato chip scarf.  It’s easy and looks like it’s working up quickly.  I’ll try to remember to get a picture when it’s done.

Well so much for posting every day.  I never was much good at New Year Resolutions.

This past Monday I spent a wonderful day at our local Meet The Quilters Day.  It was hosted by the Coastal Carolina Quilters in Surfside Beach,  SC.  The speaker was Judith Heyward and she had a phenomenal trunk show.  As always the deserts were totally delicious.  After the Show and Tell was over we headed out to the local quilt shops to take advantage of their MTQD specials.  We came home with a packed car and a lot of good laughs.  There’s nothing better than spending your day with quilter friends.  They are truly a unique breed.

Had a quiet rest of the week.  It’s rained a lot here and that has a tendency to put me behind the 8 ball so to speak. 

Today I spent cutting backs and batting for baby quilts for my guild.  We make them for the local hospital.  I got one quilted, one loaded, and several to go.  That will be my project for tomorrow. 

Had a really nice visit with Sam.  We met for lunch after my doctor appointment.  She loved her scarf.  I had intended to take her picture with the scarf on her with my phone but I forgot.  My mind just isn’t what it used to be. 

Spent the rest of the day running errands.  Had to stop at the hospital to arrange for test results to be sent to my doctor, then to the pharmacy to get scripts filled.  Needless to say, I wound up doing a lot of waiting.  I’ll tell you, sometimes I think I spend most of my life waiting in a line for one thing or another. 

Tomorrow will be a stay home and finish off the quilting room day.  I have several quilts that need to be quilted.  I am also organizing my UFO list.  I have tops that have been started and not finished, tops that need to be quilted, and quilts that need binding.  I am also back to knitting the chemo hats for the cancer center.  I usually get three of them done a week.  They are so easy.  I find I can sit and do them while I watch TV at night with hubby. 

I have been getting the guild’s website updated.  It’s always a lot in the beginning of the year, but once all the new info is on the site, it’s just a quick update monthly.  I really enjoy doing the site. 

According to the weather man tonight, it’s going to be getting colder.  It’s raining and windy our right now.  Am glad I am staying in tomorrow.

The New Year Kickoff

We had such a great guild meeting today.  Attendance was great and the Show and Tell was to die for.  Got to see some members I had not seen for several months. 

We had a quilt show meeting after the business meeting today.  One of the members on the committee made cream of chicken and potato soup.  Ummmm it was so good.  She has promised to share her recipe.  Our show will be in May in Southport, NC. 

Ran some errands.  Seems there are always errands to run.  The question is, are the errands necessary because I’m already out of the house, or if I wasn’t out of the house would I have to go run them anyway?  

Plan for tomorrow is to work on some more baby quilt kits and work on the quilting room.  I need to get the long arm warmed up for all these baby quilt tops that will start coming in soon. 

Beautiful Weather

The weather was just gorgeous today.  I walked out of church with a woman today and she said she was heading home and going to the beach.  Even for this area the weather has been unseasonably warm.  I love it! 

Got home from church and really didn’t do much.  Actually took a nap today.  I do love my naps.  Hubby got knocked out of the football pool for the Super Bowl.  Both of his teams played today and lost.  You should hear him complain. 

I have a lot on my list of to do’s for tomorrow.  It’ll be a good day to stay in, they are calling for rain.

Making Progress

I’ve been working on Sam’s scarf today.  It’s coming along nicely.  I want to have if finished by Thursday when I meet her for lunch.  I know she’ll love it. 

Our first guild business meeting of the year is this Tuesday.  I have a bunch of baby quilt kits to get made up.  Thank goodness I have Gary to do the cutting for me.  It’s great to have a tool maker for a fabric cutter.  His lines are always straight.  He hasn’t been a tool maker for a long time, but his eye is still spot on. 

Made some small strides in the quilting room.  Like Gary says,”it’s like eating a whale, one bite at a time.”  I can thank my father-in-law for that one. 🙂  Dad had a few of them.  

I need to decide what I am going to make for our third biannual quilt show.  I have not started a quilt yet and the show is in May.  We also have a challenge quilt for it as well that needs to be finished by the April business meeting.  I’m drawing a blank on that one too.  I’ll have to take a virtual stroll over to some of my favorite quilters sites for some inspiration.  Of course, there’s the possibility I might get one of my many, many UFO’s done and my problems would be solved. 

Well hubby sent out the picks for the Super Bowl.  We do this every year with our kids.  You don’t win anything but bragging rights.  My oldest Kelly and her husband Joe are not playing this year, so we each have two teams.  I have the Saints and I am playing tonight against my youngest Sam.  She already won one game today beating her boyfriend.  I’m hoping she is not going to wind up with two wins today.  We started with football picks when the kids were young.  At firs it was with my husbands family.  As our kids got bigger, we started doing it withing our own family and it has continued.  When the kids were young, whoever won during the season got to pick what they wanted for dinner the following week. 

Have you ever noticed how you can start out doing one thing, and wind up doing another?  My son called me today, he is always in port on Saturday.  Anyway, he told me he needed a file that he had put on my computer about a year ago.  So, since I have gotten a new computer since then, I figured it was on one of the discs my data was copied to.  Well 3 hours later, after going through all of the discs and jump drives I can’t find the file.  I call him back to tell him I can’t find it and know what he says to me?  I don’t need it anymore.  Hey….a little heads up would have been nice.  Kids….gotta love em.

It’s Been A Long Day

Got some more done in my quilting room today.  Progress is slow but steady. 

We had to say goodbye to a dear friend this afternoon.  LaVerne Thomas who with her husband were founding members of my quilt guild.  She was a lovely lady and I will miss her very much.  Neither of us felt like cooking afterward, so hubby and I treated ourselves to the Chinese buffet nearby.  It was so good. 

I’ve been doing some knitting this evening.  I’m making a scarf for my daughter.  Next the kids want slippers.  So I sorted out my yarn and got my projects in order.  I like to knit or crochet at night while watching TV with hubby.  Heading to bed early tonight. 


http://platform.twitter.com/widgets/hub.1324331373.htmlI spent most of the day working in my quilting room.  I am happy to report that I have gotten a lot done.  My fabric closet has been reorganized and I have begun sorting through the scraps.  One of my favorite quilters, Bonnie Hunter,  makes use of everything and she makes the most beautiful quilts.  I am attempting to follow her scrap organization guidelines by separating scraps into squares, strips and strings.  I know that once I get what I have organized, it won’t be such a job to keep it up.  I have her Orca Bay Mystery Button on my blog because I plan to make it as soon as I get the room done.  🙂  Gary is going to help me move furniture around in there tomorrow.  I have my long arm in my room, and it makes it a bit tight.  So, we are investigating other options.  I may move it into another room.  We’ll see.

Well so much for our cold front.  They are talking about temperatures in the high 60’s.  Gotta love the south.  One of my favorite things about living down here is the pretty winters.  Pennsylvania has a tendency to be ugly in the winter.  Grey skies, dirty snow.  Depressing.  But down here you have that beautiful Carolina Blue sky.

I have added the Autism banner to the top of my blog.  My two grandsons are on the Autism Spectrum and this is a cause that is near and dear to my heart.  My daughter Kelly is my hero.  She is so wonderful with the boys.  She’s taught me so much about Autism and about the misconceptions of it.  I am so very proud of her.  Andrew and Aidan are beautiful and wonderful little boys and so very smart.  They keep Kelly on her toes for sure.  I was in PA with them for a month right before Christmas.  I came home tired, but incredibly happy to have had the time with them.  

Until next time….”Our family is a patchwork of love.” Anonymous

Well another day not spent in my sewing room.  I had an appointment late morning today.  And some more errands.  But, in the midst of those errands I visited a Quilt Shop!  There is nothing like walking around a quilt shop looking, touching and imagining what you could do with all that  fabric.  I could spend hours in one.  Yes, I have been told it’s a sickness, but what a way to go.  🙂  Anyway, that’s just what I needed to get me motivated here at the house.  I have made my list for tomorrow.  Bright and early I’ll be attacking that room. 

I have always wanted to learn how to quilt.  So much so that when I was injured and had to give up work, I made virtual quilts on my website.  In 2005 after moving to NC I finally got my wish. 
My mentor, Donna and another friend Joyce have gotten me into doll quilts.  Of course it didn’t take much for me to jump on board.  I love dolls.  I have dolls.  So making them quilts just seemed like the natural thing to do.  Actually, the very first quilt retreat I ever went to back in 2005, I won a raffle for a doll bed that Donna made.  She even made a mattress and pillow out of ticking and made covers for them both.  And of course she made a beautiful quilt to go with it.  The quilt guild I belong to, Brunswick Quilters had a quilt show in 2010 and I had it on display. 

My doll bed.

 I am blessed to have found  a wonderful guild with such talented members who share so willingly. 
And I have learned that, “Quilting with friends will keep you in stitches.”  Anonymous.

The Best Laid Plans…

So much for my plan to attack my quilting room today.  I over slept, and found out about a meeting 45 minutes before I was to be there.  I made it on time too.  So, since I was out of the house, I got the oil changed in the car, ran several errands and got take out for dinner. Heading to the living room now to watch NCIS.  You gotta love Mark Harmon!